Rental Property Services

REI, REO & Rental Property Services

We'll handle tenant complaints, maintenance and repairs, cut the grass and even shovel the snow. We do the work so you don't have to and you get paid on time!

Rent Your Home to Quality Tenants

Get your tenants thoroughly screened to cut the risk of late payment, non-payment, scams, disputes, property damage, and evictions. This is the essential first step to keeping your rental property frustrations to a minimum.

Get Paid On Time

Have billing and payment collection handled on your behalf, so you don’t have to become a bill collector. Be able to plan your own budget better with reliable, timely rental income.

Maintenance & Repair Management

Stop being the person who gets called when the roof leaks or the plumbing gets clogged. Ensure your tenants are satisfied with their rental home because repairs are done in a timely manner by professional contractors.

Construction & Renovation Services

Improve your property to increase its value, command a higher price, and attract better quality tenants. We can manage everything from make-ready work between tenants to full renovation to upgrade your rental property.

Avoid Mistakes With Expert Advice

We’ve seen every mistake under the sun, from failing to market a rental property the right way to getting in legal trouble from an improperly written lease agreement. Reduce your risk and increase the upside of being a real estate investor by getting the right advice.

Tax Parcel Management & Appeal Services

Have property taxes gone up? Appealing these decisions is tedious and requires expertise. We can help manage this process to keep your tax liability low and your profitability for each rental property high.

Speciality Property Services

Special requests are never an inconvenience for us—they are an opportunity to show the full breadth of our services. From security to concierge service, we have the right connections to provide what you need.

Green Initiatives

Make your properties eco-friendly and energy efficient while capturing tax credits for upgrades. We stay on top of the current options for making your properties greener.

Marketing Services

We know what it takes to attract the ideal tenants for your rental home. From pricing to curb appeal and ad placement, expert marketing means your property spends less time vacant and you earn more rental revenue.